We prepare the ground for our future genrations through innovative, sustainable and human projects.

We invest in companies that will have a greater impact for the future generations

At EVON Group, we invest in companies that transcend trends, driving sustainability from a passing wave to a lasting norm. Our focus is on impactful initiatives that pave the way for a greener future. Guided by our core value of environmental viability, we’re dedicated to fostering change that shapes the world for generations to come. With every investment, we’re turning sustainability into the new standard.


At EVON Group, we’re more than investors; we’re architects of change, catalysts for a sustainable future. As a dedicated venture capital firm, we champion dynamic green startups and visionary projects that hold the power to reshape industries and redefine progress.

Our commitment goes beyond financial backing. We’re partners in progress, providing not just funding but invaluable advisory expertise. We’ve proudly supported innovative ventures like H Robotics, enhancing healthcare through cutting-edge robotics, and EVON Energies, shaping urban landscapes with accessible electric car charging solutions.

Beneath the surface of each investment lies a tapestry of guidance and collaboration. Our advisory prowess is your strategic advantage, propelling you toward growth, expansion, and global recognition. Moreover, our vast network opens doors to partnerships that amplify your impact on a global scale.


At EVON Energies, we offer more than advice – we provide a transformative partnership for sustainable success. Drawing on our expertise, tailored strategies, and an extensive global network, we’re your strategic allies in realizing your vision.

Our advisory services extend beyond conventional business support. We’re committed to fueling your growth with enhanced sustainability strategies, fostering innovation, and guiding decisions that reshape industries responsibly.

What sets us apart is a dedication to sustainability ingrained in our innovative and dynamic approach. We redefine management for a new era, empowering your journey to growth while contributing to a greener, more equitable future.